Dr. Shana Garrett


Dr. Shana Garrett is an authentic leader within the higher education industry with the savvy for both talent and business assessments involving dynamic situations and challenges while being focused on results and strategic resolutions. Dr. Garrett has been highly successful in the higher education field, both traditional and proprietary education for the past 20 years as a program administrator, dean, practitioner, as well as faculty. She currently serves as a Dean for Walden University.

Dr. Garrett has a highly effective management style that delivers an authentic approach to coaching and leadership within traditional and distance learning environments. Extensive experience in both ground and distance learning environments enhances her specializations in adult learning, as well as in start-up functions or corrective operations. She is well versed in contemporary adult learning concepts, instructional and content design, leadership assessment and organizational effectiveness.

Her development of a Pure Heart approach to leadership came from the realization that most of the time, the situation wasn’t personal, but more about her being a part of the solution to the work resolution or problem. After several years of experience with developing teams, talent, and turnarounds, she has been recognized as an organizational leader and mentor to both new talent, those needing a change, and fundamental in elevating the talents and specialties of others. Given her experience in business and academic operations, she is a strategic and creative thinker who develops systems and processes that support the individual employee and/or team, but ultimately delivers on driving personal, professional, and organizational productivity.

While higher education is her focus, she also has several years of experience within the counseling field, specializing in crisis intervention and trauma recovery. Dr. Garrett is a Licensed Professional Counselor and holds the designation as a National Certified Counselor. She received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Saybrook University, her Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, and her Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of North Texas.